Helpful Tools

I am talking about the supportive energies of crystals, plants and many wonderful products, which lift our vibration and help us during daily life's hurdles. 

  • to stay stable, even during stormy times
  • to go through crises with ease
  • to have the bigger picture as a guidance
  • to experience trust as a continuous companion
  • to feel love
  • to evoke our vision
  • to be aware of intuition
  • to put it into practice with passion

If we change our vibration,
our lives change

From my experience tools change during the process. Aura Soma was a wonderful door opener to raise the sensitive awareness, very gentle and personal. The frequencies of Australian bush flowers supported the release of childhood trauma, being related to my cancer story. Emotional release supported the physical healing. 

Today I introduce you to my daily companion. Do I really need them? Yes and no! Not really but it's comforting, to feel instant ease, uplift, refreshment, relaxation...

Besides my by now embodied techniques, I like to have three things at hand, which make my daily life easier, let indisposition magically disappear and create space for solution.



A wonderful treasure by nature.

The therapeutic oils of dôterra, may be a natural and holistic support during your processes.

If you would like to find out more, you find loads of information by following the link to my dôterra page, where you can register as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate to experience these wonderful products yourself. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 



The sprays that may change your life.

Because these sprays work on the basis of vibrational cosmetic, they helped me to magically change improve emotionally and physically with ease.

If you would like to order for the purchase price, you can register yourself  with my sponsor number 953501 (at the end of the registration form). Please contact me, if you need further help. Detailed Information about each product you will find here.



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