Energetic vaccination discharge with the power of Lemuria

Have you been vaccinated?

Or one of your loved ones?

Then I hope, that you keep reading and realise, how much YOU, your BODY, your DNA can profit from an energetic liberation.

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Substances in the ‚new‘ vaccines leave traces in the energy field and the DNA.  The energy flow can be changed, through which a greater density arises and a negative influence on the immune system can be observed.

Exhaustion, sleeping disorders, inner restlessness and insecurity

is noticed by many, but partially wrongly assigned. Some experience unpleasant effects, like unusual indigestion or increased back pain, mainly in the lower back. Increased inflammation and weird tenseness or even shingles are often complained about.

Therefore it is important to positively influence the negative frequencies of supplied substances already on the DNA level as soon as possible.

Not everything we carry within belongs to us. Negative-acting holograms can be deleted, through which one gets held in the past and habits again and again and therefore is in a constant struggle with health and freedom. Instead Lemurian holograms will take place and will be activated for peace and beauty within you.

As ambassador of the Lemurian power I accompany you, that you get reminded, what it means to be healthy and lively. With the frequencies of Lemurian crystals it is possible for me to activate liveliness and liberation for people, animals and plants on many levels.

Our bodies consist of crystals, which keep the structure of the body and the cells together. That's why it is so important, that they are activated in harmony again.


You can choose your own start date and choose the time, that works for you!

The interval between part 1, 2 and 3 has to be 24 hours. The treatment itself goes on about half an hour. Allow yourself some time afterwards...
I personally find the ideal times after the days activity, right before sleeping. It is important, that you know about the treatment and that you are aware towards yourself. 

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