I am...

born 1968 in Thun, the door to the Bernese Oberland.

As the "tropical bird" Ann I began to explore the earthly path in the Swiss Alps.

I was accompanied by visions already during childhood and I saw them become reality. Due to my access to non-physical realms I have heard the voices of the souls of people. Virtually as translator between the soul- and human self. I pass messages and ask extraordinary delicate questions. These are seeds, which bring to blossom unheard potentials of the soul. Old patterns are released, hidden talents blossom...

Occupation and vocation

The travel virus got me as soon as I started my apprenticeship in a travel agency.

When in the early 90ies the individual travel agencies disappeared into the online market, my adventures business journey plotted along nicely through different trades of the building industry, furniture market, bottle-shop with delivery and Alzheimer's clinic. That's why my advice is not just out of thin air, rather practical oriented even if it sounds impossible at first.

By learning physical therapies, natural healing methods, intuitive recognition of physical imbalance, iris analysis, blood analysis with dark field-microscopy, studies in anatomy I spent most of my free time.

Tarot card reading and numerology deepened the understanding of various personal discovery- and development processes.



Travelling master of new energy

NewEnergy Coachess... Healing Mentor... 
Visionary... revolutionary...

That's for sure.



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