The Hawai'ian way of living,
THE transformation tool per se.

When I got to know Ho'oponopono I couldn't imagine which positive, even magic change would occur by practicing Ho'oponopono. After the first miracles I deepened my knowledge with online classes by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len (zero limits) and travelled to Hawai'i to connect with the spirit of Ho'oponopono. Today it is my way of living and I would like to share this strong tool, consisting the following 4 phrases.


  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I love you
  • Thank you

How can you use it, when you're angry, sad or in shock?

Exactly now! Just say the 4 phrases, countless, for hours if necessary!

It helps to create distance to the problem, to get a clear head again, to see the bigger picture and to notice the intuition.

If you're a Newbie to this and you want to try the impact of Ho'oponopono without great studies, you can try the following ritual.

Say the 4 phrases 10 x mornings and evenings in front of the mirror. It doesn't matter if you speak out loud or internally, but consciously ;-).

When there's a conflict, you can in addition speak the 4 phrases towards the other person or the situation.
Ho'oponopono is a profound ritual, which can be refined for years.
There's loads of literature and courses. You can ask anything on my facebook page or just use the contact form.

Thank you, thank you for your time!


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