Healthy and lively with the power of Lemuria

Gesund und lebendig sein mit der Kraft von Lemuria

As ambassador of the lemurian power I accompany you, that you get reminded, what it means to be healthy and lively. With the frequencies of lemuran crystals it is possible for me to activate liveliness and liberation at people, animals and plants on many levels.

Our bodies consist of crystals, which keep the structure of the body and the cells together. That's why it is so important, that they are activated in harmony again.

Not everything we carry within, belongs to us. Negative-acting holograms can be deleted, through which one gets held in the past and habits again and again and therefore is in a constant struggle with health and freedom. Instead lemurian holograms will take place and will be activated for peace and beauty within you.>

Just now it is important to positively influence the negative frequencies of supplied substances already on the DNA level.

Book your appointment

If you have any questions, write to me or get in contact easiest through whatapp.

The appointment takes place at your chosen time as distance treatment. Therefore I need a selfie or picture with your name and date of birth in your own handwriting. Your DNA is quasi the address, where the crytal energy-waves are directed to.

Then you just relax and enjoy the incredible energies work.

Maybe you don’t recognise the energy right away, as warmth, cold or tingle, but within the next days in form of serenity and clarity.

When old stuff disapears from your energyfield, ease and confidence may unfold.

For your feedback or to answer any questions you can reach me before and after.

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