Chrystal therapy by topic
with the power of Lemuria

With every topic the brain waves will be treated to bounce back in the divine rhythm and order

Holograms (old programs, pattern, emotions, etc) of lonliness, memoires, tradition, generations, ancestors and the past, but also war and distruction will be deleted with every topic. 

Monday: HEALTH

With this session deleted Holograms are: diagnose and source, pain, inflammation, fear, disease, depression, addiction, suffering, medication, side-effects of medication, etc. 


With this session deleted Holograms are: fear, stress, personality, resistance, density, sadness, misunderstandings, communication, to be guided into the "wrong" direction, judgement, guilt, procrastination, etc.


With this session deleted Holograms are: loss, sadness, resistance, density, misunderstandings, fighting, arguments, destruction of relationships, to hurt one-self, to hurt others, to be left behind, hated, self-hatred, self-judgement, judgement, condemnation, guilty feelings, to take over suffering from others, manipulation, rejection, etc.


With this session deleted Holograms are: lack, thought of lack, poverty, old contracts, suffering, sadness, guilt, resistance, density, fear, jalousy, stress, external control, etc.

Any further suggestion for the session your booking can be submitted a few hours in advance via whatsapp or telegram (messages only) +41 79 777 56 00

Special: every topic is CHF 33.-

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Then just text me the day (topic) AND a Selfie and you'll be in the next one.
The picture of you is the address, where the energy gets directed to. Otherwise you could send me a photo of a handwritten note, with your name and date of birth. That works to. It is most beneficial, if you can have some time to relax during the treatment and essential that you are aware, that it is happening.

For further information send me a text. 

If you want to whole lot, you can book a individual crystal therapy for CHF 111.-

If you want even more all combined with a personal coaching get your private session for CHF 222.-





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