The basics are actually super easy.
So simple, almost impossible to believe what effects you can achieve. In all of these steps, I personally use Ho'oponopono and have already experienced magic solutions.

Here the 5 steps

They can be repeated countless times!

1. Breathe
2. Water
3. Nature
4. Bigger picture
5. clarity, solution, new focus

What it's all about:

Breathing - First and most important, yes, a deeply transforming tool
The conscious breath (or several) can change a situation instantly. With some practice one deep conscious breath can change "worlds"  ;-) .

2. Because the body contains 65 to 75 % water and water is programmable, we can move blocked energies and flush them out.
Therefore, drink water!
Having a shower or bath can support you to find your balance. Grand healing vibrations can be gathered when go for a walk along the beach, lake, river or waterfalls. Or sit on a bench there... This bring me to point 3.

3. Being in nature helps us to get closer to us and therefore we are aware of our non-physical levels. If you haven't got a chance to get some distance from everything to rejuvenate in nature, make it happen! For yourself!
And in the meantime... RESPECT the tree, the bird or the weeds aside your path or connect with what you see from your window.

4. With the bigger picture you will recognize the cause and background of a situation, relationship or health crises. Then you're already close to the solution.
Be aware about what happens to your emotions and feelings when you hear/think/observe something. Often the solution is more obvious than we think. To think around in circles (including harping on with friends and family...) we are used to, but it rarely helps.
That's why you're far better off in silencing your mind and do something really nice for YOURSELF.
Exactly! To distract yourself is the magic word. If you create distance to your problem, the clarity of the solution will be supported. Here I suggest to you to consult an independent coach or mentor. Due to the our own blinkers (otherwise we wouldn't experience the situation...) we sit in the fog and can't see the obvious... Here my services

5. New potentials awake by letting go of old stuff. The recognize the inspiration and to see it unfold is a wonderful experience.

These 5 basics and Ho'oponopono make steep (release) processes enormously easier and faster.




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