Un-Healthiness has many stories... 

almost as many as human beings!


  • A diagnose that goes right into your bones
  • an accident 

can cause a lot of confusion in a life or the lifes of the surrounding people. As a chronic disease or constant suffering of poor health can truly suck out someone’s life force

  • chronic disease
  • constant suffering of poor health
  • panic attacks
  • depression
  • exhaustion
  • burnout
  • pain

can be grueling. Insecurity and fear, the "forced" change are making tired, after a while even mind-breaking. Yes, it sometimes can suck the joy out of one's life...

Well, what you might not know or what's in the anomalous situation not up front.

You have the choice to tune your consciousness to disease or health.

I didn't know that in 1999, when the dynamics in my life were taken over by cancer. Not yet!

By the end of 1999, when my son was half a year old, my transformation process started full on. I got the diagnose of a genetic defect, which made itself visible by tumors on different organs. 

Shock, thinking-block, helplessness and my thyroid was gone already!

Despite my many years of study as a physical therapist, including iridology and dark field-microscopy, besides energy healing I deeply slipped into the disease.

Long operations, nuclear treatment and examinations were followed by a psychological breakdown, which "had to" be treated immediately with psychotropic drugs. I was fully in the western medical system.

Of course,

  • I meditated
  • learnt new spiritual techniques and healing methods
  • changed my diet
  • hit the path to research the background.

Today I have aged years on paper, but I feel more alive and fitter than ever before.

My journey of healing is the basic requirement for my service in the fine art of healing.


Every health history is a precious message from the soul

In the understanding of this very personal message lies healing!

Whether you choose western medicine, natural- and physical therapies or energy healing, I find secondary. For many people a holistic approach is ideal.

. When deep wounds and trauma are suppressed or "forgotten" they may lead to physical imbalance, known as illness. During life loaded sadness, anger, lack and addiction, need to be recognised and released.
Blocks may dissolve. 

You can enormously support and speed up these important transformationprocesses with the right coding of your thoughts and emotions.

In the whole jungle of offers and advice it is sometimes difficult to feel, what's the right thing to do. What's perfect for the one person with the same symptoms might not be perfect thing for someone else.

Even though I am not a doctor...

because of my comprehensive health studies and a long term self-experience in self-healing I can give you many usable tips.

The main focus of my service is to give you a closer understanding of the message of your soul and to support you with quantum healing to let go of causes and blocks.

Take the easy way!

and experience the difference


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